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  • Attested
    Psamtik (in G 7330-7340)
  • Excavator
    George Andrew Reisner, American, 1867–1942
  • Correct Double Mastaba No
    G 7330
    G 7340
  • Alternate Reisner No
    G 7330-7340: G 7330
    G 7330-7340: G 7340
  • PorterMoss Date
    Middle or late Dynasty 4
  • Site Type
    Stone-built mastaba
  • Shafts
    G 7330 A; G 7330 B; G 7330 X; G 7330 Y; G 7340 A; G 7340 X; G 7340 Y; G 7340 Chapel a; G 7340 Chapel b; G 7340 Chapel c

Finds 337

Excavation Diary Pages 73

Maps & Plans 42

Drawings 44

Published Documents 2

Unpublished Documents 172

Full Bibliography

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    Reisner, George A. "Note on Objects Assigned to the Museum by the Egyptian Government." Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 36, No. 214 (April 1938), p. 30.

Photos 108

People 3

Ancient People

  • Amenemipet

    • Type Attested
    • Remarks King of Dynasty 21 (buried in Tanis).
  • Psamtik (in G 7330-7340)

    • Type Attested
    • Remarks Ushabtis (fragments: 27-2-19, 27-2-19a-e, and probably 27-2-67) inscribed for Psamtik; found in G 7330 B XVI debris.

Modern People

  • George Andrew Reisner

    • Type Excavator
    • Nationality & Dates American, 1867–1942
    • Remarks Egyptologist, archaeologist; Referred to as "the doctor" and "mudir" (Arabic for "director") in the excavation records. Nationality and life dates from Who was Who in Egyptology.