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Welcome teachers and students!
Below you'll find resources to help you explore the many facets of ancient Egypt and Giza.

Browse artifacts from the Giza archive that relate to popular themes for the classroom — such as Daily Life in Ancient Egypt and What are the Pyramids? — to use in your lesson plans.

Start here for an overview of the Giza Plateau and its most popular topics, like the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, and King Khufu.

Studying ancient Egypt, you might come across words and ideas that you don’t see every day. Check here if you’ve got questions!

Climb into a pyramid, descend into a tomb, and more in Digital Giza's video experiences.

These resources are just the beginning. For more, search the Digital Giza archive:

Spotlight on Video

See the Giza Plateau in a whole new way:

More Resources

Explore further with some of The Giza Project's favorite places online.

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