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Diary Transcription:

microfilm: begin page 981

Thursday, November 28, 1929 (continued)

(5) G 7761
Clearing mastaba. Uncovered pits A and B in body of mastaba, and later grave G 7000 EII.
G 7761 A: Down 5 meters, rock-cut, rubble walls above almost destroyed. Debris: rubble and sand.
G 7761 B: Down 5.2 meters, mud wall above, rock-cut below. Debris: rubble and sand.
Room 'a': Cleared room of rubble, sand and black debris. Two pits in floor at south end, I and II. At the north end of the west wall a passage opens into a burial chamber, door blocking of stone blocks, top course removed anciently.
In pit i: Down 2 meters, rock-cut, chamber open on south.
In pit ii: Down 1.3 meters, rock-cut.

(6) G 7000 E II [G 7000 E 2]
Height .65 meters. Built of rubble and mud brick, north to south. Debris: rubble and sand. Roof broken away.

Friday, November 29, 1929
Twenty-fifth day of work.

Locals: 42

Cars, line XIV, XV:
6:00 - 8:00: 42, 40
8:35 - 12:00: 38, 80
1:00 - 4:30: 32, 103
totals: 112, 223
total: 335

Work on:
(1) G 7700
(2) G 7340 X
(3) G 7510
(4) G 7530 A
(5) G 7757 A
(6) G 7761 A, B, 'a', i, ii, iii, iv, X

(1) Street G 7700
East of G 7261, clearing southwards.

(2) G 7340
G 7340 X: Transporting sarcophagus and lid to gate.

(3) G 7510
Clearing top of mastaba at north end.

(4) G 7530
G 7530 A: Preparing to transport sarcophagus and lid to gate.

(5) G 7757
G 7757 A: Down 12 meters. In rooms iii, iv, and vii. Found in pit debris: scarab, glass fragments. Uncovered entrance to chamber No. X, to the south at foot of pit. Doorway has been sealed with stones and cement, and from traces on walls it appears

microfilm: end page 981


  • Classification
    Documentation-Expedition diary pages
  • Department
    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Credit Line
    Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Display Page Dates
    11/28/1929; 11/29/1929
  • Author
    Noel F. Wheeler, British

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  • Noel F. Wheeler

    • Type Author
    • Nationality & Dates British
    • Remarks Wheeler was a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy according to George A. Reisner's, "A HIstory of the Giza Necropolis, Vol. I."