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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Alternate spelling : Merib Kapunesut
    Manuel de Codage : mrjb kAp[w]nswt
    Alternate spelling : Merib
    Alternate spelling : Kapunisut
  • Remarks
    Owner of G 2100-I. Merib, also known as Kapunisut. Chapel entrance lintel, drum and door jambs inscribed for Merib, identified as [sA nswt n Xt=f smr xtmtj-nTr bA-nTrw dwA-tAwj xtmw-nTr Nb-rxjjt ab-nTrw jmj-r kAt nt nswt] king's son of his body, companion, god's sealer of (the ships) 'Ba-netjeru' and 'Dua-tawy', god's sealer of (the ships) 'Neb-rekhyt' and 'Ab-netjeru', overseer of royal works. North and south false doors inscribed for Merib, identified as [xtmw-nTr wjA jmj-r kAt nbt nswt Hts(?) jnpw smr watj wr mDw Sma rx nswt Xrj-Hb wt jnpw] god's sealer of the ship, overseer of all royal works, staff(?) of Anubis, sole companion, great one of the tens of Upper Egypt, royal acquaintance, lector-priest, embalmer of Anubis. Also appears in chapel relief (north, west, south, and east walls), identified as [jmj-r mSa xrp aH aD-mr Haw r p nb wr mAAw jwnw Hm-nTr xwfw] expedition leader, director of the palace, administrator of the fleet, mouth of every Butite, greatest of seers in Iunu, priest of Khufu; chapel (ÄMP Berlin 1107) found in situ in G 2100-I. Also appears in tomb of his daughter Nensedjerkai (owner of G 2100-II), chapel, pillared portico, west faces of north and south pillars, identified as [sA nswt xtmw-nTr wjA smr watj sHD bA-nTrw] king's son, god's sealer of the ship, sole companion, inspector of (the ship) 'Ba-netjeru'; in situ in G 2100-II.

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