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Diary Transcription:

microfilm: begin page 70

Sunday, December 7, 1924
Thirty-third day of work.

Quftis: 85
locals: 125
Total: 210

Long carry at (1) see No. (3)
carts emptied: 472

Work on:
(1) G I-a, north side, [avenue G 0]
(2) G 7110 pit B
(3) Cross street between G 7120 and G 7130, [avenue G 2]
(4) G 7101

(1) Avenue G 0
G I-a, north side. Cleared out surface debris as far as northwest corner of G I-a, and then turned back taking out debris of decay to old Dynasty 4 surface.
[ILLUSTRATION] [Later: Wrong!]

(2) G 7110
G 7110 B: Continued cleared chamber of G 7110 pit. Dirty sand and broken limestone blocks.

(3) Avenue G 2
Cross street between G 7120 and G 7130. Cleared to Ptolemaic-Roman level which is fire burnt all over (as on west part). Along the south wall of G 7120 and the north wall of G 7130, eastern half of street, this floor has been broken through by modern stone thieves.

microfilm: end page 70


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