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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Manuel de Codage : k[A]xrptH ftkt[A]
    Alternate spelling : Kaikherptah Fetekta
    Alternate spelling : Ka-kher-ptah
    Alternate spelling : Fetekta (good name)
  • Remarks
    Owner of G 5560. Kakherptah, [rn=f nfr] his good name Fetekta. Architectural elements, including frieze-text from top of east facade, chapel entrance lintel and door jambs, and south false door inscribed for Kakherptah, identified as [sAb aD-mr jmj-r jnb-HD xm sHD wabw Axt-xwfw jmj-r njwt mAwt nt nfr-jssj jmj-r sSw wr mDw Sma nj-nst-xntt xrp sSw jrjw jaH Hm-nTr mAat] judge and administrator, overseer of the Memphite and Letopolite nomes, inspector of wab-priests of the pyramid of Khufu, overseer of new settlements of the pyramid of Isesi, overseer of scribes, great one of the tens of Upper Egypt, preeminent of place, director of scribes connected with the moon, priest of Maat; also appears in chapel relief (one block of relief = Berlin (East) 1137) and burial chamber wall painting; some in situ in G 5560 (fragments of frieze-text and chapel relief found in or near G 5560). Possibly same individual as Fetekta, son of Senedjemb Inti (owner of G 2370).

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