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    Abu Bakr, Abdel Moneim. Excavations at Giza 1949-1950. Cairo: Government Press, 1953.
  • Individual - Ancient
    Aau (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Abdu (Abdu)
    Aib (in Neferi)
    Akhethetep (Akhethetep)
    Akhethetep (in Akhethetep)
    Akhnebu (in Niudjaptah)
    Akhu (Akhu)
    Amenkaukhufu (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Ankhnebef (in Niudjaptah)
    Ankhu (Ankhu 1)
    Djaa (in Niudjaptah)
    Haib (in Neferi)
    Hemetakhet (in Akhethetep)
    Henutsen (in Abdu)
    Hes (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Hetepkhufu (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Hetepu (in Niudjaptah)
    Hy-nedjes (in Niudjaptah)
    Iat (in Neferi)
    Ibebi (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Ibi (in Neferi)
    Iku (in Niudjaptah)
    Imeb (in Niudjaptah)
    Inkaf (in Neferi)
    Ir (in Neferi)
    Ishu (in Neferi)
    Isi (in Neferi)
    Iyni (in Neferi)
    Kaemah (in Neferi)
    Kaemnuhet (in Niudjaptah)
    Kahersetef (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Kahetep (in Neferi)
    Kanebebi (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Kaninebef (in Niudjaptah)
    Kaninebty (in Niudjaptah)
    Kednes (in Niudjaptah)
    Khadedj (in Neferi)
    Khenti (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Meresankh (in Niudjaptah)
    Merut (in Niudjaptah)
    Nebetempet (in Abdu)
    Nebishet (in Niudjaptah)
    Nefer (in Neferi)
    Neferherenptah (Neferherenptah 1)
    Neferhetepes (in Niudjaptah)
    Neferi (Neferi)
    Neferihy (in Sepni)
    Neferiru (in Neferi)
    Neferkaukem (in Abdu)
    Neferseshemkhufu (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Nefret (in Akhu)
    Nefrethakhufu (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Nefrethanisut (in Neferi)
    Nihepetptah (in Niudjaptah)
    Nihetepkhnum (Nihetepkhnum)
    Nihetepkhnum (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Nikauhathor (in Abdu)
    Nimaathathor (in Abdu)
    Niudjaptah (Niudjaptah)
    Pehui (in Neferi)
    Peny (in Niudjaptah)
    Pepi (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Perhernefret (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Rawer (in Niudjaptah)
    Redienptah (in Niudjaptah)
    Reditnes (in Niudjaptah)
    Reputka (in Abdu)
    Sabet (in Niudjaptah)
    Sabet-nedjes (in Niudjaptah)
    Semet (in Niudjaptah)
    Seneb (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Senmenekh (in Neferi)
    Sepni (Sepni)
    Seshmu (in Neferi)
    Tepemankh (in Niudjaptah)
    Teti (in Niudjaptah)
    Tjentites (in Neferherenptah 1)
    Tui (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Wehemka (in Neferi)
    Wehemka (in Nihetepkhnum)
    Wehemka (in Niudjaptah)
    Wenen (in Neferi)
  • Author
    Abdel Moneim Youssef Abu Bakr, 1907–1976
  • Publisher
    Government Press

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People 83

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