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Fragment of painted limestone relief (low raised relief); right half of lowered sail held in mast support with forked end; joins MFA 27.1129.1 (= 25-5-5), MFA 27.1129.3, and 25-5-59.


  • ID
  • Department
    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Classification
    Architectural elements-Relief
  • Findspot
    Mastaba G 7101
  • Material
  • Dimensions
    Overall: 17 x 53 x 23 cm (6 11/16 x 20 7/8 x 9 1/16 in.)
  • Credit Line
    Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Object Ownership Information
  • Period
    Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, reign of Pepi I or later
  • Date of Register Entry
    about 2338–2170 B.C.
  • Owner
    Qar (G 7101)
  • Notes
    This object was excavated by the Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition, but was not recorded in any object register book. 1925: Excavated by the Harvard University–Museum of Fine Arts Expedition; assigned to the MFA in the division of finds by the government of Egypt; 1927: received by the MFA.
  • Remarks
    MFA 27.1129 (overall): scene depicting men rowing boat with masts resting in fork-shaped wood supports, and two lines of inscription. 25-5-5 (= MFA 27.1129.1, five fitting fragments) + unregistered (= MFA 27.1129.2, one block) + unregistered (= MFA 29.1129.3, one block); related block: 25-5-59 (not in Boston).

Tombs and Monuments 1

  • G 7101

    • Site Name Eastern Cemetery

Published Documents 1

Full Bibliography

  • Simpson, William Kelly. The Mastabas of Qar and Idu, G 7101 and 7102. Giza Mastabas 2. Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, 1976, p. 3 (labeled "7101 Boston" in text), fig. 19c.

People 1

Ancient People

  • Qar (G 7101)

    • Type Owner
    • Remarks Owner of G 7101. Appears multiple times in tomb decoration (chapel relief, architrave, door jambs, pillar), identified variously as [jmj-r kAt nbt xntj-S mnnfr-mrjjra Xrj tp nswt sS a nswt xft-Hr mAa] overseer of all works, palace attendant of (the pyramid-town) Mennefer-Meryre (Pepi I), he who is at the head of the king, true royal document scribe in the presence; in situ in G 7102. Possibly same individual as Qar (in G 7102), son of Idu (owner of G 7102). The relationship between Qar and Idu is difficult to determine; it seems certain that they are father and son, but it is not clear which is which since they each have a son named after the other (i.e. Qar has a son named Idu, Idu has a son named Qar). Qar (G 7101) has a sister named Bendjyt who may be identical to Bendjet, a daughter of Idu (G 7102), in which case Idu would be the father of Qar, but this is not at all certain.