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Diary Transcription:

24-2-1933. STATE OF EXCAVATIONS. February 24, 1933

G 2102
Pits A and Z finished. Nothing found.

G 2103
A small mastaba of masonry and rubble north of G 2102 in streeteast of G 2100. Found pits A, B, Z. B and Z finished, small chambers, plundered, nothing found.

G 2200 [= G 5080]
Clearing the debris in the street west of G 2200 [= G 5080].

G 2340 A [= G 5480 A]
Depth 8.88 metres. In the south chamber, which is plundered, is a [INSCRIPTION] limestone coffin, with the lid broken, and uninscribed. Found some fragments of limestone jar lids, and 6 model alabaster vessels.

G 2342 (Lepsius 28) [= G 5520]
Small pits along the west side of this masonry mastaba have been cleared. Pits T and U with sealed doors (rubble) and pit V plundered. In the debris on top of the mastaba found a lintel in 2 parts with the name and titles of the owner (according to Lepsius), S.ankh-en-Ptah [Sankhenptah].

G 2348 [= G 5510 & G 5512]
A small masonry mastaba west of G 2342, masonry with rubble core.
Found pits A, B, C, D, E [A = G 5512 A; B, C, D, E = G 5510 B, C, D, E]. A and B sealed with rubble, B without a chamber, and the other pits plundered.

G 2349 [= G 5530]
A small masonry mastaba south of G 2348, with only one course of its east face remaining. Found pits A, B, C, Y, Z. Pits A and E sealed with rubble, the others plundered.

G 2356
Small masonry mastaba south of G 2349, with very little remaining of its masonry. Two pits, A and B, A is plundered, and B not yet excavated.

G 4940
The upper chamber of pit A is finished. Rough and unfinished room, nothing found. Pit B down 16.70 metres.


  • Classification
    Documentation-Expedition diary pages
  • Department
    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Credit Line
    Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Display Page Dates
  • Mentioned on page
    Sankhenptah (G 5520)
  • Author
    Noel F. Wheeler, British

Tombs and Monuments 10

  • G 2102

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 2103

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 2356

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 4940

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 5080

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 5480

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 5510

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 5512

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 5520

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 5530

    • Site Name Western Cemetery

People 2

Ancient People

  • Sankhenptah (G 5520)

    • Type Mentioned on page
    • Remarks Owner of G 5520. Limestone lintel (33-2-194), fragments of limestone architrave (35-11-15a-f), blocks of relief (33-3-10a, d) inscribed for Sankhenptah, identified as [sAb aD-mr nj-nst-xntt jmj-r sSw wr mDw Sma rx nswt Hrj-sStA jmj-r DADAt jmj-r kAt sHD sSw] judge and administrator, preeminent of place, overseer of scribes, great one of the tens of Upper Egypt, royal acquaintance, secretary, overseer of the council, overseer of works, inspector of scribes; found in G 5520 and displaced in pits associated with surrounding mastabas.

Modern People

  • Noel F. Wheeler

    • Type Author
    • Nationality & Dates British
    • Remarks Wheeler was a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy according to George A. Reisner's, "A HIstory of the Giza Necropolis, Vol. I."