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Diary Transcription:

27-2-1933. STATE OF EXCAVATIONS. February 27, 1933

G 2103
All pits cleared and nothing found.

G 2200 [= G 5080]
Clearing the debris in the street west of G 2200 [= G 5080].

G 2348 [= G 5510]
Opened blocking of pits C and K [?, probably E]. Cleared debris and bones after photography and drawing.

G 2349 [= G 5530]
Opened blocking of pits A and K. Cleared debris and bones of bodies after photography.

G 2356
Excavating pit B, down 3.0 metres.

G 2370
Clearing the water-channel east of mastaba, which drained the Pyramid area. This is cut in the rock, 60 cms deep and 1.0 metres wide, with a masonry conduit in it. Several pits have later been cut down through it; i.e. G 2387 A, 2350 C, D, X, previously excavated. The water-channel goes north to the limits of our area, and appears to go on under the road which M. Baraize has made to his house, finishing presumably at the edge of the cliff.

G 4940 B
Down 19.40 metres.


  • Classification
    Documentation-Expedition diary pages
  • Department
    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Credit Line
    Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Display Page Dates
  • Author
    Noel F. Wheeler, British
  • Mentioned on page
    Émile Baraize, French, 1874–1952

Tombs and Monuments 7

  • G 2103

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 2356

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 2370

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 4940

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 5080

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 5510

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 5530

    • Site Name Western Cemetery

Photos 1

People 2

Modern People

  • Noel F. Wheeler

    • Type Author
    • Nationality & Dates British
    • Remarks Wheeler was a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy according to George A. Reisner's, "A HIstory of the Giza Necropolis, Vol. I."
  • Émile Baraize

    • Type Mentioned on page
    • Nationality & Dates French, 1874–1952
    • Remarks French engineer working for the Service des Antiquities who excavated around the Sphinx from 1926-1936.