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Diary Transcription:

microfilm: begin page 84

Wednesday, December 17, 1924 (continued)

(4) G 7210, Avenue G 1
G 7210 and Avenue G 1 between G 7210 and G 7220. Cleared front of G 7210 to south end of mastaba removing surface heaps and laying line III. Then proceeded to clear the space between G 7210 and G 7220 (Avenue G 1) which has been blocked up in order to join the two mastabas into one (like G 7110 and G 7120). Has been excavated by thieves and was filled with drift sand.

(5) Avenue G 2
Avenue G 2 between G 7220 and G 7230. Reached the hard lower debris over the greater part of this area and exposed the remains of a poor mastaba (or two) which I numbered G 7231. In it are two pits, A and B.

(6) G 7231. See (5) above.
G 7231 A: Small shallow pit 3 meters deep brick lined above, chamber cut in rock and full of debris.
G 7231 B: Like A but does not enter rock and the chamber is roofed with stone slabs.

(7) G 7320
G 7320 A: Began pit A in G 7320 (open). Down 5 meters. Dirty black dust and sand and Ptolemaic fragments as in G 7130 A.

(8) Khufu causeway
Put a man and a boy on the northern side of Khufu causeway which was not quite cleared north of G 7101 and began clearing north rock scarp of that causeway.

microfilm: end page 84


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