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Diary Transcription:

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Monday, April 6, 1925

work on:
Street G 7000

Street G 7000
A small party of men are breaking up a few stones which still encumber the south end of this street, and thus doing here as has already been done in other streets.

Professor Capart and three pupils came this afternoon and were shown around. He kindly reminded me that [TRANSLITERATION] [Hordjedef], owner of G 7220, is well known though not from the monuments. It was he who in the Westcar Papyrus recommended the magician to the King who could replace decapitated heads. [But this reads GLYPHS [Hordjedef] -- T.R.D.G] In the same Papyrus mention is made of another son of Khufu named [TRANSLITERATION] [Khufukhaf I] (see Mariette's "Mastabas" 562 (Petrie). A fragment bearing the name came from G 7130 X early in the present season (see vol. I, page 106).

This morning there was found the name of Snefru among the titles of the owner of G 7710 [Iby].
[The entrance to the tomb of Iby (G 7710) is on the south side of the forecourt of Lepsius 71; to the west of this entrance (also on the south side of the court) is the entrance to the tomb of Sensnefru (unnumbered tomb); on the north side of the court is the entrance to the tomb of Itisen (unnumbered tomb).]
The text [from the tomb of Sensnefru not Iby] was not all visible in the light then available but as far as at present read it as follows:
[tomb of Sensnefru]: [GLYPHS] [sHD qdw xrp qdw smsw pr snsnfrw "inspector of builders, director of builders, elder of the domain Sensnefru"].
[tomb of Itisen]: Elsewhere the owner bears the title of [GLYPHS] [jmj-r Hmw-kA "overseer of ka-priests"]. The date of this tomb from its style may be adjudged early Old Kingdom. The name may be [GLYPHS] [Itisen] on another wall.
[G 7710 tomb of Iby]: At the more southerly part of the great tomb there is a second chamber on the north door jamb leading to which is a portrait of a lady whose inscription ends [GLYPHS] [rxt nswt mrtnbtj "royal acquaintance Meretnebti"]. The government is said to have dated this tomb to the reign of Khafre.

There seems a slight possibility that the fragments of a fine alabaster statue with hawk perched behind the royal head found in court of G 7102 and near G 7102 C may belong to the temple of G 7000 X (There is no such temple. GAR) and not to Khufu's pyramid temple. (Compare diary page 151 etc.) (Certainly from a statue of Khufu or of Khafre, almost certainly of Khufu. GAR).

Greenlees spent part of the morning and early afternoon in Cairo trying to arrange for a sailing for Europe on Friday 10.

The occurrence of the name of Snefru on a fragment from G 7510 (page 221) may be noted.

The continuation of the "lintel" on page 257 is here given.
[ILLUSTRATION/GLYPHS] [jmAxw xr nb=f mAa-xrw]
[25-2-1002, lintel in two fragments, inscribed for Maakheru found in G 7521 A, originally from G 7512]

A second lintel in two fragments and out of the same pit G 7521 A bears
[GLYPHS] [sHD xntjw-S pr-aA n[j]HtpptH]
[25-2-1036, drum lintel in two fragments, inscribed for Nihetep-ptah]

Tuesday, April 7, 1925

It is of interest that there were three forefeet bones of an ox buried in the offering shrine in pit G 7000 X. Possibly the fourth was part of the food of the workmen. Bashreis Said tells me that a similar custom is carried out today in Egypt.

News came this evening that a passage had been secured in the "Helouan" sailing for Venice on Friday, April 10th.

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