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Diary Transcription:

microfilm: begin page 173

Thursday, January 15, 1925 (continued)

(2) Street G 7300 and G 7310-7320 (continued)
G 7320 X (continued): leading to a single chamber containing one limestone anthropoid coffin and one rock-cut coffin both of Ptolemaic? era. This tomb will be sketched tomorrow, when more debris has been removed.
Men also clearing out interior chapel of G 7310 and working in front of same, on west side of street. In the lower debris, at a distance of 530 cm north of G 7310 X, came a scarab of light green faience, with cross-like design.

(3) Street G 7400
Street G 7400: front of G 7420 and G 7430.
Working in front of G 7430 mastaba as yesterday; now nearly cleared from south to middle of front of Ptolemaic structure over G 7430.
Also working to east of G 7420 as far north as interior chapel on west side of street only. Ptolemaic structure has been planned and leveled, ready for removal.

(4) Avenue G 2
Avenue G 2: south of G 7420. Men working to south of G 7420 and inside Ptolemaic structure, as yesterday. Nothing special to report.
The Ptolemaic structure is now ready for removal, see No. 3 above.

(5) G 7130
G 7130 B: Still working in pit, clearing debris from bottom of pit. Down to 1475 cm.

(6) G 7430
G 7430 A: Commenced working in pit, clearing debris left by the government excavations, after the removal by them of the granite coffin now in the Cairo museum. Down to 1600 cm.

(7) G 7510
G 7510 B: Still working in pits. Now down to a depth of 1250 cm. The men are using two 8 meter ladders for passing up the baskets. Clean sand is being removed from pit.

microfilm: end page 173


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    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
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    Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
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    Alan Jenvey Rowe, British, 1890–1968

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