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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Alternate spelling : kAnfr
    Alternate spelling : Kanofer
    Alternate spelling : Ka-nefer
    Alternate spelling : Kainefer
    Alternate spelling : Kanufer
  • Remarks
    Son ([sA=s mrjj=s] her beloved son) of Khentkaus (owner of Khentkaus, unnumbered mastaba excavated by Junker). Appears on false door (Turin S.1848/1) inscribed for Khentkaus (south inner jamb); found in mastaba of Khentkaus (removed by Schiaparelli). Also appears in chapel relief, east chamber (west wall, presenting document to standing figure of Khentkaus [name not preserved]), identified as [jmj-r Hmw-kA] overseer of ka-priests; also on fragment of relief (from west chamber); found in mastaba of Khentkaus (west wall in situ).

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