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  • Tomb Owner
    Ptahiufni (G 4941)
  • Excavator
    Hermann Junker, German, 1877–1962
  • Junker No
  • PorterMoss Date
    Dynasty 6
  • Site Type
    Stone-built mastaba
  • Shafts
    G 4941 A; G 4941 X; serdab
  • Remarks
    Mastaba is built against north side of G 4940 at it's east end. Shafts as labeled by Reisner. Junker's Sch T on his maps is called shaft A by Reisner.

Maps & Plans 4

Published Documents 6

Full Bibliography

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People 2

Ancient People

  • Ptahiufni (G 4941)

    • Type Tomb Owner
    • Remarks Probable owner of G 4941. Upper part of false door (Leipzig 3134) inscribed for Ptahiufni, identified as [xntj-S mnnfrppj wab Sntj jmj-r st xntjw-S pr-aA mDH wxrwt aAt jmj-r js n ... S pr aA Sps nswt smr pr] palace attendant of the pyramid of Pepy I, wab-priest of two hundred, overseer of the department of palace attendants of the Great House, carpenter of the great shipyard, overseer of the bureau of ... of the Great House, noble of the king, companion of the house; found in G 4941.

Modern People

  • Hermann Junker

    • Type Excavator
    • Nationality & Dates German, 1877–1962
    • Remarks Egyptologist, Director of German-Austrian expedition to Giza, 1911–1929. Published 12 volumes of final excavation reports from Giza expedition. Nationality and life dates from Who was Who in Egyptology.