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Fragments of false door, lintel, and block of relief: left: upper part of false door inscribed for Ptahiufni from G 4941: Ägyptisches Museum der Universität Leipzig 3134; upper right: block of fragmentary lintel inscribed for Khufuseneb found in G 5170, originally from mastaba of Khufuseneb [I]: Pelizaeus-Museum, Hildesheim RPM_3050; lower right: block of relief with two miniature false doors found W of D 25: Pelizaeus-Museum, Hildesheim RPM_3045


  • ID
  • Department
    Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
  • Subjects
    Object(s) photograph: Site: Giza; view: G 4941, D 25, G 5170, Khufuseneb [I]
  • Remarks
    Khufuseneb [I]: unnumbered mastaba E of G 5160 with shafts numbered S 353, S 362, S 363, S 364 (excavated by H. Junker).

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