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Area around G 2391 (three false doors, with reconstructed wall), with shafts G 2389 A(?) (foreground left), G 2389 B (midground center), G 2452 A(?) (filled in, in front of G 2391 false door), G 2450 C, D, B, and A (midground, from just right of center to far right, with stone linings preserved), looking NW


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    Peter Der Manuelian
  • Subjects
    Western Cemetery: Site: Giza; View: G 2391, G 2389, G 2452, G 2450
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  • Remarks
    Image filename as received: PDM_DSC00326.jpg. There has been a great deal of confusion regarding the shafts between G 2391 and G 2450. According to unpublished manuscript page HUMFA_GN2_K12_p176, there are four shafts: (from S to N) G 2452 A, G 2389 A and B, and G 2391 X (see plan HUMFA_EG000498). However, according to the sketch plan on diary page HUMFA_Vol.04.p.062, there are only three shafts: (from S to N) G 2389 A and B, and G 2452 A. This plan seems to bear closer relation to what is visible in photos HUMFA_A816_NS, PDM_1993.117.35, and PDM_2011.01.17_254. If this is to be believed, the shaft labeled "G 2452 A" on HUMFA_EG000498 is actually G 2389 A; the shaft labeled "G 2389 A" does not exist, the shaft labeled "G 2389 B" is correct, and the shaft labeled "[G 2391] X" is actually G 2452 A. On plan HUMFA_EG023521, the southernmost shaft is labeled "G 2379 A"; this is incorrect, G 2379 A being a larger shaft located further to the SW, inside G 2379 proper. The two central shafts are labeled G 2389 A and B; G 2389 B seems to be correct, but there is no shaft visible in the alleged location of G 2389 A in photographs (see above). This plan does not show the northernmost shaft, which is hypothetically G 2452 A. G 2452 A (which was originally numbered G 2450 Y, see photo HUMFA_C5215_NS) contained a skeleton (see photo HUMFA_C5298_NS). This is perhaps PMAE_59280 (provenance listed in Peabody records and on packing list page HUMFA_PL1428 as "G 2450 X"), but this is far from certain. To summarize: the location of G 2389 B is consistent across all documentation, but G 2389 A and G 2452 A could each be either the northernmost or the southernmost shaft. Meanwhile, the shaft labeled "G 2389 A" on plans HUMFA_EG000498 and HUMFA_023521 is not visible in photographs of the area, and may or may not exist.

Tombs and Monuments 4

  • G 2389

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 2391

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 2450

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 2452

    • Site Name Western Cemetery