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Limestone stela containing a decree by the inhabitants of Bousiris in honor of the strategos Gnaeus Pompeius Sabinus. Part of right side broken off.


  • ID
  • Department
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Classification
    Architectural elements-Freestanding stelae and obelisks
  • Findspot
  • Material
    Hard limestone
  • Dimensions
    H [?]7 x L 58 cm
  • Credit Line
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Cairo Special Register number
  • Period
    Roman Period, 22-23 CE
  • Object owned by
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Excavator
    Émile Baraize, French, 1874–1952
  • Notes
    Found by Baraize; registered in JE in 1927.
  • Remarks
    RELATD MEDIA: EMC_JE_X_Sp410LR; RELATED CONSTITUENT(S): Emile Baraize; Gnaeus Pompeius Sabinus; RELATED SITE(S): Sphinx

Tombs and Monuments 1

  • Sphinx

    • Site Name Sphinx Complex

Full Bibliography

  • Hassan, Selim. The Sphinx. Cairo: Government Press, 1949, pp. 234-235.

Photos 2

People 1

Modern People

  • Émile Baraize

    • Type Excavator
    • Nationality & Dates French, 1874–1952
    • Remarks French engineer working for the Service des Antiquities who excavated around the Sphinx from 1926-1936.

Institutions 1