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Eight to ten baskets of fragments of alabaster royal statues (at least three different statues, one life-sized, one three-quarters life-sized, one one-quarter life-sized), among them: b) [two fitting fragments of] left half of face. Illustration: No


  • ID
  • Department
    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Classification
  • Findspot
    Mastaba G 5110, serdab offering room and space in front of mastaba, also two pieces in pit G 5211 A
  • Material
  • Credit Line
    Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Object Ownership Information
    MFA accession numbers: 21.951a, 21.951e
  • Period
    Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4, reign of Khafre
  • Date of Register Entry
    12/06/1914 - 12/13/1914
  • Remarks
    Related fragments probably from one statue: 14-12-49b (two fitting fragments of proper left half of face) = MFA 21.951a and MFA 21.951e + 14-12-71 (three fitting fragments of proper left shoulder, chest, upper arm) = MFA 21.951b and MFA 21.951c and MFA 21.951d + 14-12-72a (proper right wrist and part of pleated kilt) = MFA 14.1753.1 + 14-12-72b (proper right shoulder) = MFA 14.1753.2 + 14-11-107.1 (part of beard) = MFA 14.1693.1 + 14-12-65.2 (part of pleated kilt) = MFA 14.1751.2 + 14-12-65.21 and 14-12-65.24 (part of proper right side of nemes wig and lappet) = MFA 14.1751.21 and MFA 14.1751.24 + 14-12-65.81 (part of proper left lappet) + 14-12-65.82 (part of proper left side of nemes wig); two fitting fragments of left half of face accessioned as MFA 21.951a and MFA 21.951e.
  • Problems/Questions
    MFA accession numbers verified

Tombs and Monuments 2

  • G 5110

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 5211

    • Site Name Western Cemetery

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