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Diary Transcription:

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Sunday, January 18, 1925 (continued)

(1) Avenue G 0
Avenue G 0: north of street G 7200.
No pits were cleared here today, the men working in upper debris about 20 meters to north of street G 7200 and to west of the large crude brick wall of mastaba G 7215. The tops of a number of new pits were found and these will be numbered when better cleared.
The south end of the embankment of Line III is being removed.

(2) Street G 7300 and G 7310-7320
Street G 7300: east of G 7310.
The northern part of the exterior crude brick chapel was cleared today, and the floor found to be comprised of stone. There are two slabs in the north door. A sketch of this northern part is as under:


The men are now working northwards in street, from a point about 6 meters north of north wall of exterior chapel of G 7310. They are also breaking up large stones in north of G 7310 exterior chapel.
The north chamber of the pit of G 7320 X has been cleared, and was found to contain five roughly made, uninscribed Ptolemaic stone coffins, with insides in shape of mummy. The heads of all the coffins, which lie side by side on the floor, are to the west. One of the coffin lids is anthropoid; the rest are flat rectangular slabs. The northernmost of the five coffins rests upon a mastaba or shelf at north of chamber. The men are now commencing on the southern chamber and have found in the passage from the pit a

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