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Diary Transcription:

microfilm: begin page 95a

Saturday, December 19, 1925 (continued)

(5) G 6044 (continued)
G 6044 E: Depth 2.12 meters (on south), but on north is the large fissure which runs under this mastaba. Sand. Chamber on north, roofed with slabs.
G 6044 F: Depth, 1.9m. Mixed debris. Ends at rock.

(6) G 6040


Main causeway: The parapet was broken through to obtain access to G 6042 and G 6043. All of these mastabas G 6041 G 6044 appear to be later than causeway and later than G 6040.
The causeway has been picked up east of Steindorff's dump and I ordered Junker's dump on our concession south of his Hemiunu mastaba [G 4000] to be cleared away to pick up the causeway further east.

End of Book I
For rest of December 19, 1925 see Book II.

microfilm: end page 95a


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