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Diary Transcription:

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Saturday, December 18, 1915 (continued)

(6) G 4712
Clearing offering chamber and front of G 4712.


The offering chamber of G 4712 has only one niche (flat niched type). The stela had an inscribed tablet and an inscribed cross piece, the table (a) is so weathered that only the lower part of figure seated at a table is visible. The cross piece (b) has an inscription in relief [ILLUSTRATION]
[GLYPHS] "She who sees Horus and Set" "Great favorite" "En-Maat-Hap" [Nimaathap].
See Sethe in Garstang "Mahasna and Bet Khallaf" pages 22-23. Cf. the name of the Queen of Kha-sekhsemsu. Rt. II Pl. XXIV, 210. L.D.II 6. [TRANSLITERATION] [maAt Hr stX] queen's title of Dynasties I and IV.

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