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Diary Transcription:

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Sunday, April 3, 1910

Work on northeast quarter court of niches. Houses and granaries as in northwest quarter. In No. 396, a seal cylinder (steatite?) with reversed figures.
In No. [394, 388???] along the wall, fragments of statuettes, and stone vessels. Also pots and fire marks. These are above floor of room (6th). In No. 391 a number of pots.

In the morning Professor Schiaparelli (Turin) and his nieces to see the excavations.
In the afternoon, Mr. Storrs (First Dragoman British Agency) and Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Guest.

Monday, April 4, 1910

Day of rest for men.
Very hot. Maximum 95 degrees in shade.

Tuesday, April 5, 1910

Still very hot. Hot wind, maximum 97 degrees in shade.

At work in the morning at valley temple as before. The excavations were like an oven. At noon sent men to temple of Pyramid 4 where it was cooler. Fragment of alabaster statue.

Wednesday, April 6, 1910

Heat and hot wind continues. Max 99 1/2 degrees in shade. The sudden change from the excessive cold of March is very trying.

Work on Pyramid 4 temple.

All hands at the house trying to finish up stone vessels, cementing, fitting, drawing, photographing and packing. Am wrapping vessels in wet paper which shrivels on tight.

Thursday, April 7, 1910

Heat continues, but cloudy.

Work on Pyramid 4 temple. Limestone casing on

microfilm: end page 39


  • Classification
    Documentation-Expedition diary pages
  • Department
    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Credit Line
    Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Display Page Dates
    04/03/1910; 04/04/1910; 04/05/1910; 04/06/1910; 04/07/1910
  • Mentioned on page
    Ernesto Schiaparelli, Italian, 1856–1928
    Ronald Storrs
    Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Guest
  • Author
    George Andrew Reisner, American, 1867–1942

Tombs and Monuments 3

People 4

Ancient People

  • Menkaure

    • Type Mentioned on page
    • Remarks Fifth king of Dynasty 4. Son of Khafre. Husband of Khamerernebti II. Builder of the Third Pyramid at Giza. Known two thousand years later by the Greeks as King Mycerinus.

Modern People

  • Ernesto Schiaparelli

    • Type Mentioned on page
    • Nationality & Dates Italian, 1856–1928
    • Remarks Turin University; Egyptologist. Nationality and life dates from Who was Who in Egyptology.
  • George Andrew Reisner

    • Type Author
    • Nationality & Dates American, 1867–1942
    • Remarks Egyptologist, archaeologist; Referred to as "the doctor" and "mudir" (Arabic for "director") in the excavation records. Nationality and life dates from Who was Who in Egyptology.
  • Ronald Storrs

    • Type Mentioned on page
    • Nationality & Dates
    • Remarks Oriental Secretary; First Dragoman British Agency

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