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Diary Transcription:

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Friday, November 12, 1915 (continued)

(4) North of enclosure wall
Clearing sand north of Great Wall as follows (see page 32)


Mr. Murray came to dinner.

The Bulgarians appear to have taken Nish but the Germans are still some miles to the north. The allies are pouring troops into Salonika. The Greek King has dissolved the parliament and set December 19 as the day of the elections, January 23 as the day of reassembly of the Greek parliament. Thus all possibility is avoided of Greek intervention until the Balkan war is settled when Greece can take the side of the winner whom the King imagines will be the German Bulgarian combination. It is remarkable to see the Bulgarians so recently freed after unutterable treatment, from the Turkish yoke going to war on the Turkish side in a "Holy War" declared by the Turks against Christian nations. The German attack on Serbia would certainly have failed except for Bulgaria's blow in the back of Servia. It was a foul act and that of Greece in a failing to keep their treaty with Servia is perhaps even worse.
Twenty Americans are said to have been lost in the Italian S.S. Ancona torpedoed by a submarine. Mr. Wilson is again "much concerned," - the jelly-fish.
M. tells me that a year ago the Germans had one hundred thousand (100,000) men on transports in the Elba ready for an invasion of England. But they heard the British fleet was ready for them and so thought better of it.
He also says that the Arabs are ready to rise against the Turks in Arabia but are waiting for a decisive British

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  • George Andrew Reisner

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