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Diary Transcription:

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Wednesday, December 23, 1914 (continued)

Work on
(1) sand at southeast corner of G 5110
(2) debris in pit G 5210 A
(3) pits D, E, and serdab (?) in southeast corner of G 5220
(4) pit A in G 5223 and (5) pit B in G 4940

No developments of importance.

Thursday, December 24, 1914

Work on
(1) southeast corner of G 5110
(2) G 5210 A
(3) serdabs 2, 3, 4 in G 5220
(4) pit A in G 5223
(5) pits in G 4940

(1) G 5110
The debris at the southeast corner of G 5110 appears to be mainly sand mixed with limestone chips. A pile of debris has later been dumped over the south end of G 5110, perhaps from the pit.


(2) G 5210
Pit A in G 5210 contains sand. In the upper part (first meter) were some sawed limestone slabs and some fragments of Roman pottery.


(3) G 5220
In G 5220, there have appeared three more serdabs in addition to the pit A - E. None of these appear to have been used - either pits or serdabs. This corresponds with the unfinished condition of the tomb with its construction plane on the south. Further remarks will be reserved until the whole is finished.

Mrs. Reisner was unable to get a Christmas tree owing to the war and so rigged up a tree made of palm branches which looked really finer than an ordinary fir tree. Miss Spears came and with Fisher we gave Mary a good time.

No news from any of the scenes of war.

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