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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Manuel de Codage : wrjrn[j]
    Alternate spelling : Irienwer
    Alternate spelling : Wer-irni
  • Remarks
    Owner of Werirni (unnumbered mastaba, located between G 7810 and G 7820, excavated by the Service des Antiquités). Granite sarcophagus (Cairo JE 48078 = CG 6007) inscribed for Werirni, identified as [jrj-pat xtmw-bjtj mdw Hp sAw nxn r p nb smr watj HAtj-a jmj js Hrj-tp nxb Hrj-tp DAt] hereditary prince, sealer of the king of Lower Egypt, herdsman of Apis, guardian of Nekhen, mouth of every Butite, sole companion, count, councillor, chief of Nekheb, supervisor of the wardrobe; from shaft of mastaba of Werirni.

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