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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Alternate spelling : Ka-khent
    Alternate spelling : Khentka
    Alternate spelling : Kaikhent
    Manuel de Codage : kAxnt
  • Remarks
    Owner (along with son Pehenptah) of G 2088. North false door inscribed for Kakhent, identified as [sHD xntjw-S ... pr-aA] inspector of palace attendants, ... of the Great House; in situ in G 2088. Also appears in chapel relief, two blocks of relief (figure of Kakhent seated at offering table), identified as [sHD xntjw-S pr-aA rx nswt] inspector of palace attendants of the Great House, royal acquaintance; found in G 2088, originally from west wall of chapel. Inscribed architrave (bearing name of Kakhent); found displaced, originally from G 2088 portico. Drum lintel (Chicago Field Museum 31733) inscribed for Kakhent, identified as [sHD xntjw-S pr-aA]; findspot unknown, possibly originally from G 2088 (based on identical title and spelling of Kakhent's name in both places with the [kA]-arms hieroglyph rather than the more commonly found [k]-cup).

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