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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Manuel de Codage : nfr jdw
    Alternate spelling : Idu
    Alternate spelling : Nofer Idu [I]
    Alternate spelling : Nufer Idu [I]
    Alternate spelling : Nefer
  • Remarks
    Owner of G 5550. Nefer, [rn=f nfr] his good name Idu. False door (fragmentary, some fragments = Hildesheim 2391-2395), chapel entrance lintel (Hildesheim 2396-2397) and door jamb (Cairo JE 44972) inscribed for Nefer Idu, identified as [tAjtj sAb TAtj Hrj-tp nswt jmj-r Snwtj jmj-r wabtj jmj-r jswj Xkrw nswt Hrj-sStA nswt mdw rxjjt jwn-knmwt jmj-r Hwt-jHwt jmj-r wDt-mdw nbt StAt nswt jmj-r kAt nbt nt nswt sAb aD-mr sS a nswt] chief justice and vizier, royal chamberlain, overseer of the two granaries, overseer of the two wabets, overseer of the two bureaux of the king's ornaments, royal secretary, staff of the commoners, iun-kenmut priest, overseer of Hut-ihut, overseer of every secret royal decree, overseer of all royal works, judge and administrator, royal document scribe; also appears in chapel relief (blocks of relief from N and S walls = Hildesheim 2398-2400, Hildesheim 2390), identified as [jmj-r gswj-pr jmj-r Xnw jmj-r sxt nbt] overseer of the two workshops(?), overseer of the Residence, overseer of all fields; found in G 5550. Sarcophagus inscribed (in ink) for Nefer Idu, identified as [jmj-r prwj-HD jmj-r wabt jmj-r r-pr] overseer of the two treasuries, overseer of the wabet, overseer of the offering chapel; found in G 5550, burial chamber.

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