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    Hanna, Hany. "Cheops Wooden Boat and its Museum; Condition Case Study." In Hany Hanna, ed. ICOM-CC-Wood, Furniture and Lacquer. International Conference on Heritage of Naqada and Qus Region. Monastery of the Archangel Michael, Naqada, Egypt. 22-28 January 2007. Preprints 1. Egypt: International Council of Museums & Diocese of Naqada and Qus, 2007, pp. 182-195.
  • Individual - Ancient
  • Individual - Modern
    George Andrew Reisner, American, 1867–1942
    Kamal el-Mallakh, Egyptian, 1918–1987
  • Editor
    Hany Hanna
  • Author
    Hany Hanna
  • Publisher
    Diocese of Naqada and Qus
    International Council of Museums (ICOM)

Tombs and Monuments 1

People 7

Ancient People

  • Khafre

    • Type Individual - Ancient
    • Remarks Fourth king of Dynasty 4. Son of Khufu. Builder of the Second Pyramid at Giza and probably of the Great Sphinx as well. Known two thousand years later by the Greeks as King Khephren. A number of diorite and greywacke statues and statue fragments depicting the king have been discovered in Khafre's valley temple, including Cairo CG 9-17. The fragmentary head of an alabaster royal statue (MFA 21.351 + MFA 33.1113) is attributed to Khafre.
  • Khufu

    • Type Individual - Ancient
    • Remarks Second king of Dynasty 4, son of Snefru. Builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza, the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing. Known two thousand years later by the Greeks as King Cheops. Horus name: [mDdw] Medjedu. Full birth-name: Khnum-Khufu.
  • Menkaure

    • Type Individual - Ancient
    • Remarks Fifth king of Dynasty 4. Son of Khafre. Husband of Khamerernebti II. Builder of the Third Pyramid at Giza. Known two thousand years later by the Greeks as King Mycerinus.

Modern People

  • George Andrew Reisner

    • Type Individual - Modern
    • Nationality & Dates American, 1867–1942
    • Remarks Egyptologist, archaeologist; Referred to as "the doctor" and "mudir" (Arabic for "director") in the excavation records. Nationality and life dates from Who was Who in Egyptology.
  • Hany Hanna

    • Type Editor
    • Nationality & Dates
  • Hany Hanna

    • Type Author
    • Nationality & Dates
  • Kamal el-Mallakh

    • Type Individual - Modern
    • Nationality & Dates Egyptian, 1918–1987
    • Remarks Unearthed boat of Khufu south of Great Pyramid in 1954.

Institutions 2