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Wooden object, possibly used in making mummies, or for transporting statues; found in a rectangular box, arranged in three rows. Photograph: yes.


  • ID
  • Department
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Classification
  • Findspot
    In hole carved in right end of a serdab south of Khafre's pyramid.
  • Material
  • Credit Line
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Cairo Special Register number
  • Individual - Modern
    Ahmed Yusef Mustapha (Effendi)
  • Object owned by
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Excavator
    Abdel Hafez Abd el-'Al
  • Notes
    Found by Abdel Hafez Abd el-'Al, May 23, 1960. Restored twice: in 1960 by Ahmed Youssef, and in 1975 by the Museum Laboratory.
  • Remarks
    RELATED MEDIA: EMC_JE_XX_Sp013LR; RELATED CONSTITUENT(S): Ahmed Yusef Mustapha (Effendi); Abdel Hafez Abd el-'Al; RELATED SITE(S): Khafre Pyramid

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Full Bibliography

  • Abdel Hafez Abd el-'Al and Ahmad Youssef, 'An Enigmatic Wooden Object Discovered Beside the Southern Side of the Giza Second Pyramid', ASAE 62 (1977), 103-20, pls. i-xv; Lacovara, Peter, and Mark Lehner. An enigmatic object explained. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 71 (1985), pp. 169-174.

People 2

Modern People

  • Abdel Hafez Abd el-'Al

    • Type Excavator
    • Nationality & Dates
    • Remarks RELATED MEDIA: EMC_JE_XX_Sp013LR; ALTERNATE SPELLINGS: Abd el Hafiz Abd el 'Aal
  • Ahmed Yusef Mustapha (Effendi)

    • Type Individual - Modern
    • Nationality & Dates
    • Remarks Chief restorer of the Egyptian Department of Antiquities at the Cairo Museum. Restorer of Hetepheres' furniture and Khufu's boat.

Institutions 1