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Faience amulet of cat, with eyelet; front legs not joined together; roughly cut out, thin glaze.


  • ID
  • Department
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Classification
    Jewelry & adornment-Amulets and pendants
  • Findspot
  • Material
    Pale blue green faience
  • Dimensions
    1.6 cm
  • Credit Line
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Object owned by
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Notes
    Possibly EMC_JE_2390.
  • Remarks
    RELATED MEDIA: EMC_CG_012528-013695_010LR; EMC_CG_012528-013695_072LR

Full Bibliography

  • George Reisner, Amulets, vol. 2. Catalogue General Vol. 105. Le Caire, 1958, p. 14.

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