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Block of limestone relief; [heads of Kanefer and his mother(?) Meresankh facing left and inscription listing titles, raised relief]. Illustration: Yes with hieroglyphs


  • ID
  • Department
    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Classification
    Architectural elements-Relief
  • Findspot
    Debris between G 2150 and G 2170 (in 1905/1906 buried on top of G 2170), originally from G 2150, facade, N of chapel entrance
  • Material
  • Dimensions
    Width: 41 cm Length: 70 cm Thickness: 32 cm
  • Credit Line
    Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Object Ownership Information
  • Date of Register Entry
  • Owner
    Kanefer (G 2150)
  • Attested
    Meresankh (in G 2150)

Tombs and Monuments 2

  • G 2150

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 2170

    • Site Name Western Cemetery

Full Bibliography

  • Reisner, George A. A History of the Giza Necropolis 1. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1942, fig. 263.

Photos 5

People 2

Ancient People

  • Kanefer (G 2150)

    • Type Owner
    • Remarks Owner of G 2150. North and south false doors inscribed for Kanefer, identified as [jmj-r wpwt smr watj smsw js xrp aH] overseer of commissions, sole companion, elder of the is-chamber, director of the palace]; also appears in interior chapel relief (north, west, south walls), identified as [mdw kA-HD xrp aw xrp tmAtjw smsw js m prwj xrp mrwj nswt jmj-r pHw Hrj-sStA xAswt nbwt] herdsman of the White Bull, director of interpreters, director of bowcase bearers, elder of the is-chamber of the two houses, director of the two canals of the king, overseer of marshlands, master of secrets of every foreign land; in situ in G 2150. Interior chapel entrance door jambs (part of north door jamb: 32-12-8 = MFA 34.57; parts of south door jamb and small section of facade south of interior chapel entrance: 32-12-7 = MFA 34.58), and facade north and south of interior chapel entrance (block from north facade: 32-12-10) inscribed for Kanefer, identified as [Hm-nTr Sbk Sdt sA nswt mdw rxjjt jmj-jb n nTr=f] priest of Sobek of Crocodilopolis, king's son, staff of the commoners, he who is in the heart of his god; in situ in G 2150 (some loose blocks replaced in original position, others removed from site). Displaced lintel, no name preserved but probably belonging to Kanefer, identified as [jmj-r wpwt (smsw js) prwj xrp aw Hrj-sStA xAswt nbwt smr] overseer of commissions, (elder of the is-chamber) of the two houses, director of interpreters, master of secrets of every foreign land, companion; found in street east of G 2150. Drum lintel (Louvre C 155) inscribed for Kanefer, identified as [sA nswt jmj-r wpwt] king’s son, overseer of commissions; findspot unknown, perhaps originally from G 2150.
  • Meresankh (in G 2150)

    • Type Attested
    • Remarks Mother (?) of Kanefer (owner of G 2150). Appears in chapel relief, facade north of interior chapel entrance (standing with Kanefer), identified as [rxt nswt] royal acquaintance; part of facade in situ in G 2150, one block of facade (32-12-10) removed from site.