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Fragments of faience ushabtis: two middle sections, one with two nearly illegible veritical lines of inscription down front, one with four horizontal lines of inscription (usual formula); one head end of smaller faience ushabti. Illustration: No


  • ID
  • Department
    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Classification
    Tomb equipment-Ushabtis and ushabti boxes
  • Findspot
    Street G 7700, E of mastaba G 7754
  • Material
  • Dimensions
    Length: 4.2 - 5 cm; 2 cm
  • Credit Line
    Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Object Ownership Information
    MFA accession numbers: 30.1716, 30.1727
  • Date of Register Entry
  • Remarks
    Two ushabti fragments (middle sections) accessioned as MFA 30.1716, MFA 30.1727
  • Problems/Questions
    MFA accession numbers verified

Tombs and Monuments 2