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White limestone [reserve] head of "King's daughter" (name unknown); head represents stout woman of 40-45 years, eyebrows strongly marked as if to imitate blackening by kohl in life, flesh below chin very full, neck spreads out at bottom as if to represent beginning of bust (whereas in male statues sides of neck are parallel); nose and ears broken off and large piece chipped from back of neck (head was thrown down by plunderers), groove cut in top and back of head in uncompleted attempt to split it open in search for gold. Illustration: No


  • ID
  • Department
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Classification
  • Findspot
    Pit G 4140 A
  • Material
  • Dimensions
    26 cm
  • Credit Line
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts excavation number
  • Cairo Special Register number
  • Object Ownership Information
    In the collection of: Egyptian Museum, Cairo (EMC_JE_46217)
  • Period
    Old Kingdom
  • Date of Register Entry
  • Object owned by
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Problems/Questions
    Cairo JE number verified

Tombs and Monuments 1

  • G 4140

    • Site Name Western Cemetery

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Unpublished Documents 4

Full Bibliography

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