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    Individual - Modern
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    Reis for Schiaparelli. The following sentences have been imposed on the Faid family for their theft of Petrie's tomb which they sold to General Maxwell: Ibrahim Faid - five years, Hamza Faid - five years, the chief of guards at Saqqara - five years, Abd-el-[Monged] Faid - three years, Abd-el-Hady Faid - three years, Son of Ibrahim Faid - two years. These people have been favorites of Maspero for over twenty-five years. Repeated protests that they were plundering the tombs which they were set to guard fell on deaf ears. It is a great satisfaction to me to see that my judgment of these men was correct and to know that a severe lesson has been given to the Kafr-el-Haram thieves. (Reisner, March 25, 1912)

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