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Diary Transcription:

Diary Transcription: begin page 51
Saturday, February 20, 1915

Finished cleaning pits A and B of mastaba 3013.
Clearing Pit B of mastaba 3014 of sand and limestone debris.
Clearing sand from top of mastaba 3015, and from roofed-over burial chamber. In sand above this chamber a fragment of an inscribed limestone stela which fits onto the large fragment found yesterday in sand between mastabas 3003 and stone mastaba. Across the roofed-in burial chamber, south end, an inscribed limestone log. G 35
Clearing sand from between mastabas 3014 and 3022, 3021 and 3022, 3023 and 3024.
Clearing pits A, B, C of mastaba 3022 of sand and underlying dark limestone debris.
Finished clearing Pit A of mastaba 3004.
Clearing around mastaba 3024.
Clearing vaulted chamber of mastaba 3024 of sand and mud debris. Part of the red-painted mud arch is still in place.
Telegram from Dr. Resiner at 2:30 that Fisher is returning, but that the Reisners are staying…

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