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Diary Transcription:

microfilm: begin page 176

Friday, January 16, 1925 (continued)

(2) Street G 7300 and G 7310-7320 (continued)
37 cm.
On the top of course 3 of the limestone facing blocks of [G 7320], immediately at the point where the crude brick north outer wall of exterior chapel of G 7310 joins it, are 3 large double-handled Ptolemaic pots, similar to that down above. They lie on their sides, with mouths to the north. After being photographed they will be removed.
Belonging to the exterior chapel of G 7310, and in the street opposite the northeast corner of interior stone chapel, is an eight-sided drum of a column. The sides are slightly concave [ILLUSTRATION]. Its actual position will be sketched tomorrow, when this part of the street has been cleared. The column is like those found in Zoser's temple at Saqqara (which have 16 concave sides).


The pit of G 7320 X is now cleared to a depth of 1200 cm from this came fragments of faience ushabtis, and two whole inscribed faience ushabtis. Chambers are not yet cleared.

(3) Street G 7400
Street G 7400: front of G 7420 and G 7430.
The Ptolemaic structure over G 7430 is now removed, and the men are now clearing the debris below it. From the debris above the projecting stone wall under this structure, as shown on page 165 of diary, came a fragment of stone with hieroglyphs in sunk relief

microfilm: end page 176


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