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Diary Transcription:

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Wednesday, April 7, 1926 (continued)

(3) G 2381
Continued the removal of debris to the southward of Pit No. G 2381 Y.
one wooden statue [26-4-49]
one base of wooden statue
three fragments of alabaster vessels [26-4-53, 26-4-54, 26-4-55]
one head of wooden statuette [26-4-50]


Thursday, April 8th, 1926
One-hundred and twentieth day of work.

Weather: fine, warm.
Wind: light.

seventy-five (75)

Work on:
(1) G 7200
(2) G 7230 B
(3) G 7300 X
(4) G 7000 X

Cars emptied:
Line VIII 5:30 - 8:15: 62, 8:45 to 12:00: 84, 1:15 - 5:00: 90
total: 236

(1) Street G 7200
Continued clearing street G 7200 and removing radeem by car line No. VIII. Uncovered a room to the south of the brick transverse wall, with a door on the east, another room to the south of this, broken in the center by robbers. Further south, on the east side, pit No. G 7300 X, with two chambers, was found and excavated.
one-half of a seated limestone statuette of Isis and Horus, with traces of gilding [26-4-62]
one fragment of alabaster jar, with foot [26-4-63]
one fragment of diorite [26-4-64]
one blue amulet (?) [ILLUSTRATION] [26-4-67]
one blue ornament [ILLUSTRATION] [26-4-69]
one broken green faience amulet

microfilm: end page 293


  • Classification
    Documentation-Expedition diary pages
  • Department
    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Credit Line
    Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Display Page Dates
    04/07/1926; 04/08/1926
  • Author
    George Andrew Reisner, American, 1867–1942

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Modern People

  • George Andrew Reisner

    • Type Author
    • Nationality & Dates American, 1867–1942
    • Remarks Egyptologist, archaeologist; Referred to as "the doctor" and "mudir" (Arabic for "director") in the excavation records. Nationality and life dates from Who was Who in Egyptology.