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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Alternate spelling : Ka-hep
    Manuel de Codage : kAHp
    Alternate spelling : Kahap
    Alternate spelling : Kaihep
  • Remarks
    Owner of G 2003. False door (south false door) inscribed for Kahep, identified as [Hm-kA] ka-priest; in situ in G 2003. Rectangular offering table (BÄM_11467) and false door stela (BÄM_11469) both inscribed with offering formulae for Kahep; identified as [wab wab-swt-wsr-kAf Hm-nTr ra m nxn-ra Hm-nTr wsr-kAf Hrj-sStA jr-ant pr-aA xntj-S] wab-priest of Userkaf s pyramid, priest of Re in Userkaf's sun-temple, priest of Userkaf, secretary, manicurist of the Great House, palace attendant; both probably originally from G 2003.

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