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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Alternate spelling : Khnumshepses
    Manuel de Codage : bASpss
    Manuel de Codage : XnmwSpss
    Alternate spelling : Ba-shepses
    Alternate spelling : Khnum-shepses
  • Remarks
    Owner (along with Kaemked) of G 5040. Chapel entrance lintel (name not preserved) and false door inscribed for Khnumshepses, identified as [sAb aD-mr nj-nst-xntt Hrj-sStA n wDa-mdw n Hwt-wrt sS pr-aA Hrj-sStA n xtmt-nTr sHD wDa-mdw m swt Spswt pr-aA sHD pr-aA Hrj-sStA nswt m pr-aA] judge and administrator, preeminent of place, secretary of judgements in the Great Court, scribe of the Great House, secretary of the god's treasure, inspector of arbitrators in the august places of the Great House, inspector of the Great House, secretary of the king in the Great House; in situ in G 5040 (south rock-cut offering room).

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