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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Alternate spelling : Akhtiense
    Alternate spelling : Akhetense
    Alternate spelling : Sienhathor
    Manuel de Codage : snAxt
    Manuel de Codage : snHwtHr
  • Remarks
    Sienakhet, [rn=f nfr] his good name Sienhathor. Limestone lintel (33-2-148) inscribed for Sienakhet, identified as [jrj pat HAtj-a tAjtj sAb TAtj jmj-r sSw (a) nswt jmj-r kAt (nbt) nt nswt Xrj-(tp) nswt mDH nswt (qdw) m prwj Hm-kA jmj-r wpwt jmj-r sSr xrp Smsw] hereditary prince, count, chief justice and vizier, overseer of royal document scribes, overseer of (all) royal works, royal chamberlain, royal architect in the two houses, ka-priest, overseer of commissions, overseer of linen, director of the followers; found displaced in G 5562 A.

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