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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Alternate spelling : Anchaf
    Alternate spelling : Ankhaef
    Manuel de Codage : anxHAf
    Alternate spelling : Ankhaf
    Alternate spelling : Ankhhaf
  • Remarks
    Father of Geref, Neferseshemptah, Tjiu and Henutsen(?), all depicted on limestone niche stela (in form of tomb facade) (Cairo JE 38673) dedicated by Ankh-haf to his children: [jr.n(=j) n ... msw] (I) made (it) for my ... children; Ankh-haf identified as [sHD Hmwtjw wabt nswt] inspector of craftsmen of the royal wabet; found in G 2011. Limestone offering stone (MFA 06.1880 + 36-3-66), probably inscribed for Geref and dedicated by Ankh-haf: [anxHaf Dd(=f) jr.n(=j) n sA mrjj Hmwtj grf] Ankhhaf, (he) says: (I) made (it) for my beloved son, the craftsman Geref; Ankh-haf identified as [sHD Hmwtjw wabt] inspector of craftsmen of the wabet; found in G 2011.

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