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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Alternate spelling : Nefer-es-res
    Manuel de Codage : nfrsrs
    Alternate spelling : Noferesres
    Alternate spelling : Neferseres
  • Remarks
    Female of unknown relationship (mother?) to Nimaatre and co-owner of G 8900. Chapel entrance architrave and door jamb reveals inscribed for Neferesris, identified as [Xkrt nswt watt jmjt-r xnr n nswt jmjt-r sxmx-jb] sole royal ornament, overseer of the king's harem, overseer of entertainment; in situ in north chapel of G 8900. False door inscribed for Neferesris, identified as [mAAt nfrw n nb=s ra nb Xkrt nswt jmj-r sxmx-jb nb nfr n nswt jmj-r jbAw n nswt sxmx-jb n bjtj m swt=f nb] beholder of her lord's perfection daily, royal ornament, overseer of every good entertainment for the king, overseer of dancers of the king, she who gladdens the heart of the king of Lower Egypt in all his places; in situ in north chapel of G 8900.

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