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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Alternate spelling : Meresankh (incorrect)
    Manuel de Codage : wnanxs
  • Remarks
    Wife of Nefer (owner of G 2110). Appears in chapel relief (south, west, and east walls; not all instances with inscription preserved); in situ in G 2110. Displaced fragments of relief (three unregistered fragments + 36-12-2 = MFA 31.780), upper part of standing figures of Nefer and Wenankhes, identified as [rxt nswt mjtrt] royal acquaintance, mitret; originally from G 2100, south wall of chapel (lower part of figures still in situ). Name reconstructed from partially in situ scene of seated couple on west wall of chapel, supplemented by fragments with rest of wife's name; one (unregistered) in expedition photo B8335, other now in Birmingham Museum of Art (England) 1957A 241 (see: Reisner, Giza Necropolis I, fig. 241, and Fischer, Varia, pp. 31-32, pl. VIII fig. 7, fig. 8). Name incorrectly reconstructed by Reisner as Meresankh.

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