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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Alternate spelling : Nishepsesnesut
    Alternate spelling : Shepsesennisut
    Alternate spelling : Nisut-ni-shepses
    Manuel de Codage : nSpssnswt
  • Remarks
    Limestone seated statue (15-12-46 = MFA 21.352) inscribed for Nishepsesnisut, identified as [Hm-kA jmj-r sSr] ka-priest, overseer of linen; found in G 4410 serdab 1 (possibly intrusive). May be same individual as Nishepsesnisut (identified as [jr-ant Hm-kA] manicurist, ka-priest) depicted on north door jamb of entrance of inner room of chapel (Berlin (East) 1186) in G 4411, and named on limestone lintel fragment (14-3-21 = MFA 14.1453) found displaced in G 4521, probably G 4522 chapel, mastaba of origin unknown. However, since inscribed lintel fragment suggests existence of tomb owned by Nishepsesnisut, why was his statue placed in a secondary(?) serdab constructed in G 4410 chapel. Perhaps Nishepsesnisut actually is owner of G 4410 (like Tetu, who also appears in G 4411, is probably same individual as Tetu, owner of G 4420).

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