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Anonymous mud-brick mastaba with a barrel-vaulted offering space located north of ABC 322 in the western sector of the Abu Bakr Cemetery.


  • Excavator
    Abdel Moneim Youssef Abu Bakr, 1907–1976
    Edward Brovarski
  • CBE (Brovarski) No.
    Barrel Vaulted Mastaba
  • Site Type
    Mud-brick mastaba
  • Remarks
    An unusual barrel-vaulted offering space with a burial shaft below is located just to the south of the center of the east wall. This, plus the re-arrangement of bricks around the arch, makes it probable that this space was constructed after the mastaba was completed. The west wall of the offering space has traces of light blue and brown painted white plaster, indicating that designs and/or images were originally there.

Full Bibliography

  • Brovarski 2018

People 2

Modern People

  • Abdel Moneim Youssef Abu Bakr

    • Type Excavator
    • Nationality & Dates 1907–1976
    • Remarks Egyptian Egyptologist.
  • Edward Brovarski

    • Type Excavator
    • Nationality & Dates
    • Remarks Egyptologist and co-director of the Cairo University-Brown University Excavations (CBE) in the Abu Bakr Cemetery.