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One of seven small mud-brick mastabas built against the outer face of the eastern enclosure wall of Mastaba Y in the central sector of the Abu Bakr Cemetery.


  • Excavator
    Abdel Moneim Youssef Abu Bakr, 1907–1976
    Edward Brovarski
  • Site Type
    Mud-brick mastaba
  • Remarks
    It can be established that these seven contiguous mastabas (ABC 35 and ABC 70-75) were built sequentially from south to north. Collapsed mud brick from the northern wall of Lepsius 20-21 against the east face of ABC 35 suggests that these mastabas, like Mastaba Y, antedate the "Persen Complex."

Full Bibliography

  • Brovarski 2018

People 2

Modern People

  • Abdel Moneim Youssef Abu Bakr

    • Type Excavator
    • Nationality & Dates 1907–1976
    • Remarks Egyptian Egyptologist.
  • Edward Brovarski

    • Type Excavator
    • Nationality & Dates
    • Remarks Egyptologist and co-director of the Cairo University-Brown University Excavations (CBE) in the Abu Bakr Cemetery.