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squeeze of relief: a) inscription from the door bulge in the tomb of Wa';b) inscription from the doorf bulge in the tomb of Nebu;c) inscription from the door to the burial chamber in the tomb of Itetid) inscription from the tomb of Kay;e) Tomb of Seshethotep;Squeeze: a reverse copy of an inscription/image, made by applying damp filter paper or liquid latex to an object's surface. Popular in the 19th century.


  • ID
  • Department
    Berlin Ägyptisches Museum
  • Subjects
    Squeeze: Site: Giza; view: LG 67, LG 72, LG 86, LG 69, G 5150
  • Remarks
    File received as: 040_044_002a(2); Ref: LD: II, 23, 34b, 92-93; vgl. LD Text I, 64, 89f.;Beschreibung: Blatt 1 = LD II, 93a; Inschrift auf dem Türwulst im Grab des Wa' (PM III.1, 210); 2 = LD II, 93b; Inshrift auf der Türwulst im Grab

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