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Blocks of relief from G 2155, Kaninisut [I], chapel, W wall (N false door inscribed for Kaninisut: N jamb: Ibkaptah; S jamb: Penu; panel of relief to N: [top register] Neferhanisut, [bottom register] Imsekher; and portion of relief to S: standing figures of Kaninisut and his wife Neferhanisut and two of their three children, Harwer and Wadjethetep, and register of offering bearers below, including Niankhhathor, Kairi, Mernetjerukhufu, Seshmu, Seneb): Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna ÄS 8006


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  • Department
    Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
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    Object(s) photograph: Site: Giza; view: G 2155

Tombs and Monuments 1

  • G 2155

    • Site Name Western Cemetery