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Blocks of relief found near G 2461' and from G 2382 (originally thought to be a tomb, but now known to be a jumbled deposit of limestone blocks from other nearby tombs): left, top: [G 2382, originally from G 2381] 13-1-547 (= MFA 13.4331.2, autobiographical inscription of Nekhebu); left, bottom: [G 2382, originally from G 2381] 13-1-556_(alpha subset designation unknown = MFA 13.4340.3, displayed upside down); right: [near G 2461'] 12-12-208 (= MFA 13.5993.5)


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    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Subjects
    Object(s) photograph: Site: Giza; view: G 2461', G 2381, G 2382
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  • Remarks
    Two different tombs numbered G 2461 on published map of western cemetery; one tomb located W of G 2378 and N of G 2377; other tomb located in area W of G 2187; the former tomb is now identified as G 2461'; the latter tomb is now identified as G 2461; 12-2-208 from G 2461', W of G 2378. MFA 13.4340 (overall): two registers of offering bearers with gazelle and cattle; consists of two fragments (from 13-1-556) + one fragment (original registration number unknown, assigned 13-1-558); one additional fragment (original registration number unknown, assigned 13-1-558) belonging to this scene not MFA owned. MFA 13.4331 (overall): composed of autiobiographical inscription of Nekhebu (13-1-547) and spear fishing scene from adjoining wall (13-1-549). MFA 13.5993 (overall): male figure seated at offering table and pile of offerings; consists of seven blocks and fragments (six from 12-12-208, one from 13-1-558).
  • Problems/Questions
    VERIFIED: G 2361 corrected to read G 2461'; 13-1-547, 12-12-208 identifications verified based on Brovarski composites; 13-1-556 identification made based on Brovarski composites; MFA accession numbers verified

Tombs and Monuments 3

  • G 2381

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 2382

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 2461'

    • Site Name Western Cemetery

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